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2015 / Pomegranate Letterpress / Black-Hart Construction. Great clients are a ton of fun to work with. Jordan was a repeat client, I had designed and letterpressed Amanda & Jordan’s wedding invites a couple of years back. When he and his business partner John were starting their own construction company they approached me to help create their brand. Several design directions were presented and the process was a good to help the guys really nail down what they wanted their brand to be and communicate.

This heart logo became the winner. It’s a simple icon that played off a stylized heart with the feel of a constructed corner. The entire brand needed to be upscale for the Oakville market they were looking to start-up in. The look of the icon, the fonts and colours were aligned to be strong, classic, clean, established and very high-end. For flexibility of different executions and print budgets, the logo was designed to work in the 2C gold/blue, 1C gold, 1C blue, 1C black and reverse.

I also ran the print production of the business cards which were printed on duplexed blue and crisp white stock. Gold foil for the logo on the back, a gloss spot varnish of the icon on the front, with gold foil and blue text. All little details that show potential customers the care and detail that they themselves put into every project they build.

I’m looking forward to helping them as they grow and do more projects down the line.