Joe Borges Designer / Thinker /Type Devil / Doer


How do you introduce your agency to the new CMO of your largest client? Well, in a fun way I hope. And when your new client used to work on one of the most iconic brands, then you have even a little more fun.  



2013 / Cheil Canada / Self Promo. Our creative team came up with this really neat idea to say hello to Mark Childs when he became the new CMO of Samsung Canada. Having a lot of fun with the Campbell’s Soup brand was based on the fact the Mark was just coming off of being the VP Marketing of Campbell Company of Canada.

My part for this project was to take that initial idea and bring it to life. I was the designer, the producer and the maker. The project was turned around quickly and within a tight budget. I ended up making 2 packages just in case, but everything went smoothly and the result was a super slick first impression.