Joe Borges Designer / Thinker /Type Devil / Doer

TELUSRetail + Tactical

Working on a brand that is well established and rooted in a loved look has it’s challenges. With 10+ years of animal still and video assets to go to, it’s tough to try and come up with new creative every time. The key is to had fun with it where ever possible – in the end the look is very clean and simple with a playful feel to the copy/visual hook.  





2014-present / The&Partnership / TELUS. The fun part of TELUS is working with the animals and nature elements from brand, but the library of assets is over a decade old. So one of my goals is to create new assets based on previous ones and try to breath new life into them. When budgets allow, new animals are photographed, but for the day-to-day projects that is not always possible. We are always striving to come up with a clever lines and situations to put the critters into that link back to the strategy behind the brief. And having a tight sandbox to play in can be a blessing when deadlines are tight, but also a good challenge to keep the creative fresh.