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2007-2008 / Ogilvy / Yahoo! Canada. I know that I have been super lucky over the years, but I also know that we make our own luck. When this project came up, I jumped at the chance to do it. It started off as one photoshoot and an advertorial that need Art Direction. It certainly wasn’t clear from the start that we would be shooting an editorial series of 9 Advertising leaders in Creative/Media/Strategy, for the Big Idea Chair campaign in Canada.

In the end, it was an amazing experience for me. Not only was I able to art direct some pretty big names in advertising – I mean come on, we were able to duct tape Geoffrey Roche’s mouth shut! I had to art direct Janet and Nancy, my own ECD’s from Ogilvy, which was a little nerve-racking.

This project also allowed me to work with a great photographer in Michael Cooper, and we became good friends because of it. Being able to work well together made this project really smooth, we would brainstorm things we could do with the chair and the people in it. We had fun with all sorts of angles and props. The sum of all of that creative energy, were fabulous shots and some great selects that did’t make it to print.

All with this simple big purple chair.